Safe, secure, and loving environments for youth
Our Mission: Safety.  Security.  Love.  Understanding.
FAN stands for Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso.  In the Akan culture of West Africa, the Fihankra is a communal housing compound which symbolizes a “safe enclosure” or “safe house.”  Akoma Ntoaso means “linked hearts,” and is a symbol of understanding and agreement.   Many young people do not have access to such safe environments, which are critical to their development.
FAN's mission is to cultivate a focus on youth well-being and positive development in an environment infused with safety, security, and love.  Our mission seeks to go beyond changing the lives of individual youth; FAN hopes to provide a model for a focus on youth well-being and competence that will diffuse throughout communities and youth serving systems to alter the ways in which these systems serve youth. 
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